My Kasi

How I yearn for you, O Kasi!
They all reach you, not me.
For me, that being, for a day
Is not being at all.
For me, I want to be
With you, in you – and you in me
You, my native; you, my home
You, my earth, my place.This modern madness
The urban displacement
That theorists write tomes about –
Detached, objective, impersonal.
For them, I’m just a case.
The curse of severed
Blood from veins,
Life from life,
Fell on me for ever? O Kasi!I’m angry and jealous
When they call you theirs.
How can you be theirs, O Kasi?

You are mine.
Have always been.
Like you’ll never be of theirs.
How could they,
How dare they
Call you theirs
By just their accident of birth?

You aren’t in their cells.
You aren’t their waking dream
Their recurring nightmare
Their love, their life.
You can’t be them
As you are me, o Kasi!

Call me, pull me, drag me
Towards you.
Gods I don’t believe in
But O Lord of Kasi,
If there you be,
Grant me that I die there
Although couldn’t live in Kasi.

Published in the October Issue of Criterion, an International Journal.


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