The Old Order

The old order changes. It inevitably does. But that does not render resistance meaningless and hopeless for those who want to resist a change towards what they see as negative. Yes I know that with every passing century or two, many buildings enter and many leave the visual sphere of urban environment. I am not the armchair filling, ineffectual, day dreaming kind. Action is what I want to take. An action against this attrition of my(our) Kasi’s past. An action that warrants the coming together of people who think that the old face of Kasi needn’t be sacrificed just for the sake of change.

I am posting some images of a building that is around a century old and is in very immediate danger of extinction. Many of you, like me, may have passed it. Many of you , like me, may not have even noticed this very common building (It’s no Taj Mahal!) that merges with its simplicity and humbleness with the overall set up all around. I had always taken it for granted. Like an old friend, I had always believed that it’d be there whenever I passed. How naive!

Look at its present state:



Can it be saved?

Can we do something?


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