After Bhadaini Ghat


Janki Ghat is the ghat that comes just after Bhadaini Ghat, for one walking away from Assi. The stone house and the stone columns of the verandah are similar to that at Bhadaini Ghat.


Anandmayee Ghat takes its name from the famous religious guru, Mata Anand Mayee of Kasi. The neighbourhood has a hospital and a Mutt with the mother’s name. The gali that runs parallel to the ghats gives access to three ghats in a row: Anandmayee, Vacchraj and Jain Ghats.


The steep incline of the steps of Vacchraj and Jain Ghats makes them different from other ghats around. Jain Ghat is very important for the Jain sect because it has the temple of Jain prophets who came before the final one: Teerthankar Mahaveer. There’s another famous Jain Temple at Bhelupura near a very old and famous south Indian cafe.


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