Bhadaini Ghat, Kasi


As one moves away from Assi Ghat one crosses a couple of very important ghats and reaches Bhadaini Ghat. I take up this ghat for the post because the area adjoining Assi is Bhadaini, and the ghat takes its name from the region (or vice-versa?)

The old stone house in the image above must be more than a century old. The stone columns on the verandah are seen in many traditional houses of Kasi, as in the house in the image below.


I think that the reason behind the heavy use of stone of the same texture and colour (sand stone?) in the ghats, houses and temples of Kasi is not an accident. I guess that the reason behind this is the availability of Chunar stone at convenient distance.

Bhadaini ghat performs a vital function: it has the water pumping and filtration set up of the area. The images below are of the pumping structure.

Image1642      Image1643

As one tries to reach the city from the ghat, one finds that the uncharacteristically narrow stairway of the ghat has a very uncommon structure at the end. This ghat one of the very few ghats (The nearby Panchkot Ghat is similar to this ghat) that deny easy access to the galis and the city from Gangaji. I still remember my childhood days when we used to pass through the always open gates of the ghat to go to Bhadaini. Not any more.

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