Lali Ghat


Lali Ghat is one of the most neglected ghats in one of the busiest sections of the ghatscape. It lies between Harshchandra and Vijay Nagram/Kedar Ghat. The whole span of the ghat, from where the sand bank touches the river to where the stone steps end, is used by washer-men for washing and spreading the clothes to dry.

A narrow, winding staircase, with broken stones at places, leads one to the narrow gali that joins the main gali of Kedar Ghat and Lali Ghat. The gali meets Kedar Ghat Gali near Bapuli Bari, half of it is known now as some sort of mutt.


There is an area on the ghat near the river that is paved with stones and bordered with with iron railings to protect people from falling four to five feet down, onto the dry alluvium left by receded flood waters or into a flooded river. It’s not a popular bathing ghat because the ghat next to it is the ghat where corps are cremated: Harishchandra Ghat. The reason behind its not being used is that the pieces of burnt flesh, burnt pyre wood, ashes etc. can be seen floating around all the time. People go to the ghats on both the sides beginning with Vijay Nagram Ghat and Karnatak State Ghat to take their post-cremation purifying dip.


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