Niranjani and Mahanirvani Ghats, Kasi

      Image1671                 Image1673

I never saw these two ghats as two in anything but their names. These ghats area between Chet Singh and Shivala Ghat. As far as I know (not much!) The compound over these ghats is owned by one of the akhadas of the Naga sect. This sect is famous in India, and the world because, as the popular etymological perception holds, they wear nothing throughout the year, even in winters. They smear their body with ash and are feared and revered at the same time. In my childhood I had seen processions in Kasi with nagas walking, on elephants and on horse. They have a very conspicuous and strong presence in the city of Bhole Bhandari.


The area of the river in front of these ghats that can be seen in the image above is not much used for bathing. Boats are tied with pegs there. The steps of these ghats, especially by the walls of the palace on Chet Singh Ghat.


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