Better and Worse

There are many ways change affects the state of thing: some make the thing changed better and some worse than the original. The images in  the gallery above are all of the same structure after the change for worse. It was Suresh aka Sugreev who had told me a long time ago that this structure was the first ever lift (operated with manual labour) of Kasi. I trusted him because the shaft had a close resemblance with its modern counterpart. Later on, I passed on confidently the same (mis)information to everyone.





The two images above show the same building.

Which image do you like more, A or B? Please do post on the comment section.

The image A is about three years older than B. Three years saw many changes in my Kasi, especially on ghats. The cemented blot on the grand building is put in contrast with its environs in the image to the right. The overall oddness of the material used without any kind of attention to the architectural beauty of the stone building on a stone ghat becomes clearer with one look at the images.

In me there’s some kind of strong bias against, no loathing for, the use of this kind of glass in buildings on the ghats. It somehow diminishes the beauty of the stone structures, and also takes away from their grandeur exponentially with each such addition. We have seen such use and its effects at Panchkot Ghat.


I am not very knowledgeable man. I don’t know who owns the buildings that have been repaired in such a sinful manner. I don’t understand how, even a privately owned architectural heritage of supreme historical importance could be treated with so much disrespect. Is there some kind of central monitoring agency that takes care of our national monuments? If ASI is one such agency, then what was it doing while this permanent damage to the ghatscape of Kasi was being done?

There are many buildings in Kasi who have a similar future awaiting them.

If something concrete is not thought and done.


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