The Sun on Gangaji

The ghatscape of Kasi is well known for the play of sun rays and moonbeams on the broad reflecting canvass of Gangaji’s generally calm surface. The images above were all taken from dawn to morning. They have three elements, that the Kasiphiles adore, in common: Gangaji, the sun and the boats. Gangaji and the sun have a close relation in Kasi. The rising sun can only be seen clearly and fully when one is close to the riverfront. As dawn brings light, boatmen (no women at all) start waking up and their boats start appearing on the river.

The colour of the water keeps changing with that of the rising sun. Early in the morning, when the diffused sun rays have just succeeded in fighting with the darkness of night, the water is coloured some kind of orange-grey. As the sun becomes visible for the first time, its vermillion is caught by the river, which later turns scarlet. Finally, as the sunlight becomes yellowish and the sky becomes blue, the river appears greyish, greenish-blue or blue.


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