Kasiphile and Kasilogist

I used the terms kasiphile and kasilogist in my previous posts without any explanation because I  had presumed that the words are quite self-explanatory despite probably being neologisms. But then, I had held similar vain opinion about “ghatscape” that had finally turned out to be no neologism at all. After I had googled the terms, I found out that my I was definitely wrong. Thus arose the need for this post that begins with making the meaning and etymology clear.

Kasiphile: A person who loves Kasi (etymologically, it comes from Kasi or Varanasi or Banaras and philia or love).

Kasilogist: A person with (not just passing, but deep) knowledge of Kasi (etymologically from Kasi and logy or knowledge).

Now, these two terms don’t always go together. I am a Kasiphile for sure, but not a Kasilogist. The same goes for many of my friends. I don’t know whether there is any possibility of there being a Kasilogist who does not love the city. Please inform me through the comment section if you do know any.

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