The New Kasi Circuit 2


From Chowki Ghat, we move towards Pandey Ghat. There is a tea stall and people come there for tea etc., as shown in the image above.Here we may have our second tea-toast combination. The energy stored here will last up to Raj Ghat. From here we move towards Man Mandir Ghats, passing Darbhanga, Munshi, Dasashwamedh and Rajendra Prasad Ghats.

Man Mandir Ghat is important and the huge palace here makes an important part of the ghatscape of Kasi. We’ll come back later. From here we move towards Manikarnika and Jalsayi Ghats, passing Mir and Lalita Ghats. We’ll not take rest and move on, passing Scindia, Panchganga, Ram and Trilochan Ghats to reach Rani Ghat and take a long pause to enjoy the sight of the most beautiful building on the riverfront.

From here we press on towards Raj Ghat and Malviya Bridge across Gangaji. We walk the bank under the bridge for some time to finally reach Adi Keshav Temple and the confluence of Varuna with Gangaji. From here, we walk towards the city, passing the various schools and institutions in the area. We’ll catch an auto to cantt, and from there to any part of the city.

With those who feel that they have some more energy left, we may come back to the base of the bridge and actually climb it to have a panoramic view of the whole ghatscape: the same view that has captivated many an outsider, converting him into a Kasiphile.

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