Kasi Ghatscape at Night

We have talked about the sunrise and morning on Kasi ghats but not much has been spoken on the ghatscape at night. My friend Dr. Atma Prakash Singh chose the 4 dimensions of space and time very carefully to take the snaps of the Kashi ghatscape you can see below. He combined his skills as a photographer and his knowledge as a growing kasilogist to catch the moment.


(Photo: Dr. A. P. Singh)

The images he captured are from around Mehta Ghat, near Panchganga Ghat (correct me if I’m wrong). The occasion most surely is Dev Deepawali. That’s why there’s excess of bright lights all around. In the image below, there are electric lights dangling from the parapet and the steps are decorated with rows of diyas.


(Photo: Dr. A. P. Singh)

On an average night, the ghatscape has lights alright, but not glaring ones. The neighbourhood where I grew up (and Dr. Singh too), was in the range of the following ghats: Chet Singh, Shivala, Hanuman, Karnatak State, Harishchandra, Lali, Vijay Nagram and Chowki Ghats. The first four ghats have no kind of tea or betel leaf stalls. The same is true of Lali and Chowki Ghats. The only stalls are at Harishchandra, Vijay Nagram and Kedar Ghats. Therefore, one may expect with consistency to find solitude and soft lights on these ghats, in general. Harishchandra Ghat is seldom sans funereal parties occupying most of the space. Although visitors seldom linger here, the number of cremations is such that the place is full of the light of the burning pyre and the sound of the living. Kedar-Vijay Nagram Ghat Complex is a different case altogether. Late evening and night are comparatively calm and peaceful, especially as one goes away from the tea stalls, towards the steps closer to Gangaji.

Chowki Ghat and beyond, up to Narad Ghat, has comparatively less number of people and fewer lights. As one looks north or south wards, one sees a series of lights on ghats and the whole ghatscape reflected in the water. The image below gives a glimpse of the crescent shaped ghatscape at night  illuminated by electric light. The snap was taken from Assi Ghat, nearly at the end of the night. The double layered ghatscape, full of light, can be seen clearly.

ghatscape night


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