The Opening to Kasi 2

The beauty of simplicity has been established as a tradition in Kasi. Nothing grand, just a common entrance to one of the older types of compounds can be seen in the image above. As we’d seen in case of Godowlia Kali Bari, all arrangements have been made here also to torment kasiphiles and enrage kasilogists.

First of all, the natural and beautiful stone has been water washed an ugly yellow. The window openings in the wall behind the structure that once used to be verandah have all been permanently closed. Repair was not an option, it seems. The parapet of the verandah is in a very bad shape. The design and shape of the stone lined opening to the compound is totally hidden behind tin hoardings and the whole front has been converted into some kind of medley of shops. And this compound belongs to the temple that peeks from behind.

Look at the images above and below for similarities.

There are two things similar in all the images above: these buildings of kasilogical importance are not well kept, and people have shamelessly used the buildings to hang different kinds of banners and hoardings. It is my naivety that makes me expect some sort of official intervention when I see such neglect and such harmful use of things so beautiful. Although I know by my experience that no such intervention happens, at least, not in time.


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