Kasi, the City, my City

There are many cities other than Kasi on the banks of Gangaji. Are they all Kasi? Or, any one of them? Had there been any other river flowing by the city, would it be Kasi still? The first question can be answered: rightly or wrongly. Answering the second question is not logically possible. For me, Kasi is the city: not the most picturesque, biggest, most beautiful or rich, but the city where I feel at home, even in the galis of Madan Pura, where I had been taught to feel a strong fear in the pit of my stomach.

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2 thoughts on “Kasi, the City, my City

  1. Interesting photos you chose..with none of the teeming mass of humanity that is usually photographed . I know Kasi as Varanasi and had to look it up to be sure. We were there at the end of the Shiva celebration. I have to say that it is now near the top of my all time favorite places…utterly amazing. I am so glad to have visited your city! Namaste. . . . Anne

  2. A very perceptive remark you began with. I am a loner on ghats and choose times and places to be there when others are not around. Seclusion is what I look for and get. There are some places and times in Kasi when there’s no teeming mass around. I have found that soaking in the spirit of the place becomes easier at those times. Thanks for loving my city. Pranam.

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