Bruce II: The Story Continues

Did I mention that Bruce II got married while he was struggling to establish himself as an entrepreneur? I don’t think so. We all went to his wedding: a happy incident. It was a whole week full of festive preparations and celebrations for us, his being my mother’s younger brother and me being his favourite nephew and all. Before we go any further, I think I owe my readers an explanation for the first unconscious lie in the post. As Freud said or wrote somewhere, there’s no slip of tongue. So, there’s no slip of facts too. I tried to hide that he is my mother’s cousin, not brother. I always tried to hide this fact from my friends and acquaintances. In school, it was natural for a child of class seven to claim a cool uncle who doubled as a senior too,  for himself. Later on, I did not see any reason to reposition him. Moreover, I have on my side the common Indian practice of not differentiating between one’s siblings and cousins in Indian joint families: they are all called and introduced as brothers/sisters. My mother did the same with her siblings and cousins and I do the same with mine.


So, Bruce got married. He was more committed to success in his venture now as his responsibilities were well defined. Till his wedding his elder brother had taken care of everything. Now he was supposed to take full responsibility of his wife at least. He was supposed to become a fully committed  man of the world now. So, with his well defined and definite responsibilities and commitments set down upon the tablet of his mind, he began to walk on the same old path differently. We used to talk a lot and knew each other well. Our views about truth, justice, right and wrong were similar at many points. Both admired Swami Vivekanand (he didn’t like Baapu much, induction effect from my favourite mausaji who did not like him either, neither do his sons and many others, but that’s another story for some other time). We knew our position in the society and condition, yet we had our own separate dreams. What’s more, we somehow believed that those dreams could become reality. No, I can’t disclose secrets close to heart, it’d be a breach of trust if I tell you his dreams. Mine can be talked about at some later time. I’m not the hero here.

He has always been well and widely known in his family circle for his sense of humor. In fact, it oozes out of him, humor. He can’t control himself and has to be his natural humorous self nearly at all times. The brave man mocks his own married self and laughs with glee: in his wife’s presence! His grinning face, he believed I think, could hide the truth from people. The trick works for some time on some, but not for all and for ever. He wears the mask even today, but behind the mask is not the same heroic admirable figure that he once used to be. Life has done it to him. He remembers still his old defiance and his unconquerable will. It is this remembrance that sustains his smile on his face, despite odds being against his breaking the vicious circle of his social class. Hope shines within whenever he talks about his dreams. Yes, he still has them, and is still planning to make them true. Bruce is not a man who gives up, he keeps fighting. Who knows? If he sticks to it ling enough, he may even win.

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