The Diesel King: Beyond the End


There are times when stories get their own life and grow beyond their end. The Diesel King’s story must have ended in the last post. It did not. How could it, when I had to mention that there’s something rotten in the kernel of life; not only the King’s life, but also mine and Rishi’s? We have met a couple of times in last five years and keep talking on our mobiles. We admit to one another that the surface is not all. Life seems complete and ambitions fulfilled in their cases, but we know what the truth is. We admit it too.

The King always wanted to get a government job as a school teacher, and Rishi always wanted to just go to the US. They got more than what they had asked for. One left his three years old job and returned, and the other says that something is missing, that he now knows that he had not reached there yet. What are they looking for? Nothing? Something? Don’t know, can’t say. What do they want? What do I want? What do you want? And then, do you really want what you think you do?

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