My Globe


Thick, fleshy and globular stem, needle-like spines as leaves and no flowers for most part of the year. Still I love it. Looking at the “monstrosity”  in the tub in the picture, one’d think rightly that my use of “it” for the thing, instead of “them” is wrong. One’d be right and fully entitled to their grammatical analyses, but my sentences are not always grammatically correct (and not all grammatically correct sentences are semantically so), sometimes they are semantically so. I had brought one tiny globule with tender needles home. No, I’m not being poetic here, the needles were totally harmless then. So, my one tiny globule grew up first, and became a globe itself. Then it started sprouting its own globules left, right and centre. After nearly a decade of sprouting in tubs of various sizes and materials, it reached the state shown in the image above. It was not alone. Its friends used to be there on the same rooftop.

red rose  ylwhibiscus

My mother had given her love for plants to me. She had started with her small set of rose and hibiscus plants in pots and money plants in bottles: not many, a few. Gradually, her plants increased in numbers and variety. She was biased towards flowering shrubs, especially roses. We had Rajnigandha and Bela, two plants that flowered nocturnally and the flowers had exquisitely delicious perfume. They grew in pots and were tough plants, all of them.

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