B/W vs Colour

There’s something about black and white photographs. They don’t have the richness of colours that their coloured friends have. Look at the first two images of the gallery, the ochre, grey and yellow are all gone in black and white. The human beings aren’t wearing anything colourful, as far as the details in classic mode are concerned. There’s no colour play of the sun light on stone temples and buildings once the colours are gone. Yet, there’s something about b/w photographs. Something that draws me towards them.
I don’t have the equipment to take b/w photographs, so I used MS Office Picture Manager to remove all colours from my originally coloured images. For me, the conversion lends the b/w photographs a special quality which, for want of a more exact name, can be called grandeur, majesty or graceful age. The conversion also lends the b/w photograph something like a feel. There is a sense of nostalgia that permeates the new frame.It is like applying a new colour on the old image: the colour of the past.
I know it’s very close to cheating, what I’ve done is. Yet, I could not resist the temptation, not after having seen the lovely images on Michael’s post that I had mentioned in my previous post. Although I had been drawn towards the thing for a long time, his posts acted as some kind of trigger. I have also been interested in filtered b/w images. But that will come a little later.

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