Soul Light II


Why have I suddenly decided to tell the story of Soul Light? It’s because of a phone call I made the night before the previous one. I had called Soul Light to ask for whatever had happened to the help that he had promised for my blog and, as usual, he had his bona fide excuses ready. I told him that the problem was not in his present situation but within himself. He used to be a king of a man once, just like Bruce II. That was the time when he used to live at seven by fifty-six and wasn’t married yet: half like Bruce II. He has changed a lot from his heroic days, just like time. He has changed so much that even Heraclitus would be surprised looking at his past and present avatars.

The character played by Aamir Khan had voiced the fear of the ruthless jungle of a world outside the University Campus in Rang De Basanti. He sounded so terribly right then. He sounds even more right now, after looking at what the world has done to many. Soul Light was a very witty person, witty in an intelligent and intellectual manner. It was very difficult to get the better of him in a repartee and people who knew him knew that fact too. He could think deeply about things abstract and hold his own in a conversation that touched such themes. More than that, he had learnt/inherited the art of photography from his father. We had hopes in his establishing himself in his locality and in his becoming a successful man of affairs. Those were the years before he had acquired his postgraduate degree.

Some kind of psychological change occurred in his years of double M A from Banaras Hindu University. It happened right in front of our eyes. We saw him changing. Let me not sound so high and aloof: we saw and felt others changing and proclaimed the unchanging nature of our central selves, a proclamation that appears plain folly in hindsight.

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