The Globe and the Family That Never Was

belflr         bellflr

Although this post is in “The Globe” series, we never had any of the flowers (except Euphorbia) that are on this page in our home garden, and I only know names of Athurium and Nerium other than the one mentioned already. I had gone to visit Lal Bagh and Cubbon Park in Bangalore and had taken all these snaps there. Look at the bell flower (my nomenclature, as I don’t know its name, shall I google it? How?)!

Googling also yielded me the same (pink)bell flower. What drew me towards the flower was its length and shape, in that order, and its colour and beauty.


Nerium oleander


Euphorbia millii


Golden Trumpet or Allamanda cathartica (googled this one). Couldn’t get the names of the other two bell shaped flowers below: the white and the pink one.



red athurium  athurium white

Athurium sp.

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