Where Varuna Meets Ganga


The contemporary internal consensus of the citizens derives the name of Varanasi from its being located between the confluences of Gangaji with Varuna river and Assi stream (that has now become a nullah). I had been up to Raj Ghat and Malviya Bridge several times, but never up to the confluence of Varuna and Gangaji. I had already seen the point were Gangaji meets Assi a couple of times, and had crossed it too with my Mama, (jumping across, not swimming), but Varuna was another case.

There were many reasons of my developing no relation with the other river. Assi was closer to my place than Varuna, as one could be reached easily by walking around forty minutes and lied towards my second home: my university. I used to cross one of the two bridges on river Assi nearly everyday. One is at Nagwa and the other near Sankatmochan. I am not mentioning the third one because of its very recent construction.

While going towards Nadesar one crosses one of the two popular bridges, one new and one old, on Varuna river. The old one starts at a very reputed arms and ammunition shop of Kasi. Google puts the origin of Varuna near Allahabad. It then crosses Bhadohi and meets Gangaji near Adi Keshav Ghat in Varanasi.

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