The Setting Sun

The sunset has been appearing frequently in my posts lately. There may be n number of reasons for that, coincidence being one of them. The house at Pulla, our last address in Udaipur, was also the best place we ever lived in: not just because of its spaciousness and airiness but also because of its scenic surroundings and the opportunities it provided for our direct contact with nature. It’s true that I never rose early enough in Udaipur to witness the rising sun, but I did manage to rise in time to watch sunset on several occasions. There are several photographs of those occasions as I can’t control my fingers from clicking in presence of the awe inspiring sights of nature, especially when the sun is also around.

The last few months of our stay there were hellish, but that wasn’t because of any factor under our control. The complications created by uncontrolled modernization, capitalistic inequality of wealth distribution, urbanization and migration had lead to our wanting to flee from our beautifully located rented house. When we had reached there people informed us that Udaipur was a crime free place and I found that to be true for a couple of years. The series of crimes that finally generated fear in our hearts started a couple of years later. Theft, robbery, even murder had started taking place regularly. For us, it was the beginning of the end when they murdered the lady who used to live in front of our house.

When the very existence of an individual is put under threat it becomes impossible to continue living while maintaining the status quo. Change becomes the only way out. There’d been reports of murder and robbery in the city in newspapers for months but it became significant for us only when it stared right into our eyes. We had never thought that our neighbourhood faced any kind of danger until robberies started happening at night. Even then we used to think wishfully that all was well. All wasn’t well, and we came to know about that in a very tragic manner.

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