Darkness Envelops the Moon


The night sky is not the same at all places. Over the various metros of the world, the night sky lacks fifty per cent of its whole self: there’s no night over the sky. What is it that we recognize as night? “The absence of the sun that is the main source of light in day time”, may be one answer. What is the effect of the sun on darkness? The various intense and concentrated arrangements of lights perform the same function in the cities that produce high levels of light pollution. Where there’s no darkness, there’s no night. Still, whatever is left of the original meaning of the word night, will have to stand for the whole. How can we conceptualize a nightless day (twenty-four hours span)?


So, the night sky with its darkness provides the perfect backdrop for the silver moon and the clouds diffuse the soft light that the city emits to reduce the intensity and colour of the darkness. Yes, darkness too has its colours.


The crescent-ish moon looks like a speck upon the black sky.


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