The Sun Plays on Water


The same sun shines over both Varanasi and Udaipur. The same water provides the mirror like surface for the sun rays to play upon. Yet, the play of the sun on water is different in Kasi and in the other city. The use of the term “other” is so full of theoretical allusions that I hesitated before I actually could type it. But then, I did use the word, and in no other sense than its common, everyday used sense.

The unconscious, as an ill-defined and amorphous concept, has entered our collective unconscious in so many insidious ways that all the pre-Freudian innocence has been sunk in it. There are no slips of tongue, said (H)e, and no slips of keys either. My use of “other” can then be ascribed very simply (or simplistically) to my conceptualization of space into time. For me, Kasi is where it all began. Hence, it always appears in the beginning, as the first one. All the later introduced spaces appear as others in that conceptualization. It tends to enter my thoughts and my posts, whatever they may be about.

The image above is of the sunset at Lake Fatehsagar, Udaipur. Our first introduction to the lake was on the very first day we had entered the city. The gentleman driving us around wanted to show his city off, and the first place that was on our route was this huge and beautiful lake. He covered the city side of the lake: entering the road that runs by the lake at the base of Neemuch Mata Temple and exiting it by Swarup Sagar Lake. It took really long, even at a respectable speed of his vehicle, to cover the distance by the lake.


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