The Rising Gangaji

Assi flood 4

(Photo: Mr. Biplab Goswami)

The water level of Gangaji is rising, alarmingly, they report. Well, I have nothing to report. I live in a riverless city. Rather, in a city that has nothing that can be called so respectably. There’s a definite benefit in this: I don’t get alarmed about rising water levels; a big difference from my annual routine of observing the water level of Gangaji: with my eyes personally and through Aaj paper daily. I hated the way the rising water level of Gangaji threatened to restrict my movements for at least two months by submerging the stone stairs of the ghats I used to walk upon daily. Habit had transformed volition into need and I had to go for a walk up to Dashashwamedh or Assi (nearly the same distance from my place and its nearest Karnatak State Ghat) every day.

The logic underlying the construction of solid stone walls and steps to break the force of the current of a flooded Gangaji becomes clear on watching the force of the current that flows in the direction opposite to the one we are accustomed of seeing it flow. The river makes angry sounds and the colour of its water is brown, instead of its habitual turquoise.

assi ghat flood

(Photo: Mr. Biplab Goswami)

Assi flood2

(Photo: Mr. Biplab Goswami)

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