Old Friends

Nokia 1100


Not just a mobile

An old friend

It was raining yesterday, the whole afternoon and night. The rain stretched on to this afternoon. I am a working human and have not much time for human emotions. It’s a machine like existence. I can’t mourn my old friend’s loss adequately. My Nokia 1100 had been with me for nearly a decade now. I had grown very attached to it. I hate mobiles, as an idea, in abstract, because our civilization has been enslaved by this thing. I use mobiles as I need to. My relation with my old watch, bicycle (my friends used to call her Ram Piyari, same as Bacchan Sahab’s car in one of the movies of 90’s), slippers, clothes and mobile is more than just utilitarian. For me, their value increases in direct proportion to their age.

They were all buying newer generations of mobiles, smartphones and tabs. It felt good sticking with an old friend. I had lost my old Ram Piyari about the same year in which I had bought my first first hand mobile phone, the same year in which I had bought and sold my first second hand mobile phone: both Nokia 1100’s. I had kept the second hand one for a few days only and hadn’t had time to develop ties with it. My second mobile stayed with me for nine years. He worked with me (not for me) for nine years. I have used “he” instead of “it” because he was a friend, and not just any inanimate object that takes “it”. I used to boast to people that our partnership was for as long as the mobile could function, and after that, he had a place of respect in my house and heart that is reserved only for one’s old friends. In my heart i knew it for sure that we had a symbolic kind of friendship, a kind of symbiosis. I had access to other handsets too, but could never like them even remotely as I did my old friend. No, I’m not technophobic and can understand and use whatever new technology brings to the market. I must admit that I had searched for and read the blog that proves my 1100 superior to smartphones. In a way, I wanted my 1100 to win in all competitions, as it had won in its first: the highest number of sets sold in a handset’s lifetime (and, should I say: beyond, as the second hand market of the set was also thriving back then).

I tried to locate it and failed. It was raining when I had lost it, and I suspect that my 1100 came under the tyres of some fast moving vehicle. I don’t hope to see him again. My well wishers who have faith in facebook advised me to post the details on fb and I will. But I know that we’ll never meet again. I don’t remember having taken even one snap of my old friend.

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