Coins I Never Spent

2-paisa five p

I have a couple of old plastic bottles and containers in which I have kept one of my most priceless treasures: my old and new coins. Some of them went out of circulation many decades ago and some of them may still be used. I have never been tempted enough to use even one of them. There was a time when even some of the old ones could buy things in the market. The year on the coin is no indicator of the year in which it had reached my hands, for the coins above were minted before I was born, and I had used the coins of their denomination for buying things in my early childhood. They went out of use in the 1970’s, says wikipedia.

ten p ten p new

Why then, have I kept these coins? It’s not my hobby, as I’ve never actively pursued it. Neither have I ever bought coins from markets like the one I had seen under the over bridge near Pahargunj side of New Delhi Railway Station. Many of the coins that I now keep safely were once stored in the clay piggy banks my mother used to buy for us brothers, to encourage the habit of thrift. The piggy banks made of baked clay come in various colours and they may be glazed or unglazed, brown or painted black or silver with motifs too.

twenty p twentyfive p

fifty p one rp

two r ten n five r

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