The Mystery Compounded

Bhaal had repaid his friend on the very day of his return. He had provided Mohsin with detailed post-reconnaissance information about the movements of the girl’s family members. He had even got the crucial information that they would leave the girl alone at home from afternoon onwards. Thus had Bhaal become the reason behind his father’s murder.

Mohsin had gone to meet the girl along with his cousin Altaf. He’d left his cousin out and was given entry to the house by the side door. He’d remained in there for around thirteen minutes by Altaf’s watch when he saw the Ambassador of the girl’s maternal grandfather enter the gali. It was his duty to sound the alarm and he did make the cuckoo’s call twice, but there was no response to his alarm. So, he simply disappeared from the scene. The grandfather knocked twice and shouted once before the girl emerged at the front door to open it. The side door was a part of the huge front door and there was no back door. So, Mohsin’s form was revealed as the door opened slowly. Before anybody could understand anything he sprinted through the gali and was gone.

The whole family was called back immediately and it was decided that the girl must commit suicide. They did all the work for her and then dragged her to the basement room that stifled all kind of sound and did not let it emerge outside. The grandfather was one of the leading money lenders of the town and the head of Brahmin Sabha. For him, there was only one course of action: the girl’s suicide after her molestation in the hands of two boys from the other religious community. He was aiming at two birds this way. His honour would remain untainted and he would get some kind of leverage over the Muslim bidi makers who had opposed his entry into the financial sphere of their community. Even he had not planned the literal killing of many over the next fifteen days in an area much beyond the limits of Jabalpur.

What is destiny? It’s a potpourri of factors so large in number that their numerical weight boggles the calculating mind to produce a sense of helplessness and uncertainty that can only be calmed down through theory. Destiny as a preordained and unchangeable reality has been fixed in the minds of the peoples all over the world just because it offers peace to the mind confused with the heady chaos called life.

“God works in his mysterious ways”, they had said, when they had brought in Sambhav’s mutilated corpse. “Such a fine gentleman, had no enemies in the world”, they said. “What’ll happen of his family now? The sons are unemployed and daughters unmarried?” “What was the need? Why did he throw his life away like that?”

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