Logic in Loss

Remember that image with blood caked all over the remains of a human corpse? Remember that blast victim on the front page of most of the national and regional dailies? How can you forget? The haunting and disturbing power of such an image is inerasable. Those printing that kind of images know it. They are maximizing profit by exploiting somebody’s loss. They even invent logic to support their action – the logic of loss. There’s one thing that supports their case – at least one person gets direct material benefit from the action.

There are certain poet/writer wannabes who have lost something in their past because of the choices they made or due to sheer bad luck. They exploit that misfortune of theirs to the fullest by foregrounding it in their work. They maximize their profit from their so called loss. Do they have any shame, sense of dignity or self respect? They are ready to sell their soul in return for what: a few coins, or columns on them?

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