The Oasis II

Godowlia temple columns

In the previous post about the Kasiraj Temple near Godowlia Crossing we had entered the compound and reached the side of the temple that is its facade too. Before we go any further I must mention that last night I was reading M. A. Sherring writes about the millions of micro-temples that swell the ranks of temples in Kasi in his The Sacred City of the Hindus: An Account of Benares in Ancient and Modern Times.


One look at the exquisitely carved columns of the temple is sufficient to tell that the counting of the number of temples in Kasi will have to include those on the shaft near the base too. There are miniature temples with one main shikhar and two subsidiary ones on each of the four sides of the square base of the shaft, i.e there are four temples per column. There are more than sixteen columns in the temple that have temples on all the four sides and at least eight embedded ones with temple on one side. That takes the total count of the micro-temples to seventy-two or more!

 CAPITAL column-top2

There are two images of the ornate capital of the column. The one to the left is somewhat blurred, but it serves well the function of showing the relation of the capital with the arch. The image to the right is clearer. The petals, bells and rings chiselled out of stone are definite proofs of the highly developed art of stone work in India.

    bACK vIEW gDLA kb

The same developed art of stone work can be seen in the patterns on the walls and the screens on the wall over the arches. The parapet on the roof over the pavilion and the chajja all around are both crafted with care and are aesthetically satisfying.


kali bari shikhar inside  kali bari shikhar      DSC06296 DSC06295  DSC06297 DSC06293 DSC06294 DSC06284


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