Time and Distance

Time and distance are categories of convenience and are subject to challenges from the way human mind stores and interprets objective data subjectively. Two schools, two cities, two localities, two subjective times perceived but the same distance and the same time taken: that’s the observation from where it all began. There’s a school nearly a kilometre away from where I live. There is a school, my school, nearly a kilometre away from my home. While going to and coming from these schools, I have always perceived time differently.

The mind registers a nearly unending stretch of time taken in covering distances on unfamiliar routes, through an unknown landscape and it registers a comparatively shorter time when the landscape is familiar. I takes around one hour walking from Kedar Ghat to Raj Ghat but the mind remains totally occupied in the river and the ghatscape. So, the distance is covered without the time’s becoming dull. Hence, it’s not registered by the mind as very long.

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