Gauri Kund Revisited


This is my second post on Gauri Kund. It seems I will keep coming back for more. The first post with the key words Gauri Kund and Kedareshwar had received some confused and, in the beginning confusing, heavy traffic just after the Uttaranchal Kedar Temple tragedy. It then sank back to its habitual seclusion. The images of the kund show the quadrangular stone steps leading to the bottom of the kund. That was a long time after the flooded Gangaji had receded. The images of the kund in this post are different because it’s still full of the water of Gangaji left behind.

Why do I keep coming back here? Because the Kedar-Vijaynagram Ghat area of the riverfront happens to be the place where I was introduced to the ghats and temples of Kasi. My grandparents, like many other religious people of Kedar khand, used to go for their daily dip in Gangaji, followed by a darshan in the temple that has lent its name to Kedar Ghat. My grandfather would then proceed to Baba Vishwanath’s temple but my grandmother usually returned after her darshan at Kedarji.


The image above shows the entrance of the famous temple from the side of the ghats. I remember how I loathed walking bare feet on the wet, slippery and partly filthy stretches of galis and streets for the various visits to Vishwanath Temple. So, although my grandparents used to leave their slippers at home, I used to wear them at least up to Kedar Temple. My grandparents had acquaintances at Karpatriji’s Math and at a couple of shops at the main entrance to Kedarnath Temple. I’d open my slippers at one of those places and then enter the long corridor (Bum Bhola) leading to Vijaynagram Ghat.


After taking an occasional dip in Gangaji I’d then climb the endless series of stone steps leading to the riverside entrance of the temple. There are numerous smaller shrines and shivlings on the steps, in the left and right corners. My grandmother and other devotees would offer Gangajal, bael leaves and flowers to the various manifestations of Baba.



DSC05207 DSC05208 DSC05209

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