Koochbehar Kali Badi, Varanasi


I turn towards my ghats and Kali Badi whenever I return to my city. Where else would I go? These are amongst the very few places that still stand against the current of change, although, for how long, I don’t know. So, I return to the reassuring island of a place (that Kali Badi is) surrounded by the raging sea of change, probably in search of some peace. The last time I had gone there, an acquaintance of mine, the son of an employee of Kali Badi, had told me that eighteen crore rupees had arrived in the reconstruction fund of the compound. He had also expressed his suspicion that the people in-charge, as usual, would not let most of the amount be spent on the actual work of reconstruction. It’s a pattern: the arrival of money in some fund and then its vanishing from there without its actually being utilized for the purpose. We specialize in such kind of work. Many have become rich siphoning such funds.


The old timers tell stories of the beauty and majesty of the building in the images above and below.












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