The Faux-liminality

I had conceived the following sentence about my being yesterday:

My state is liminal: it’s mostly either physically present yet emotionally separated from a city or  emotionally present and physically separated from another city. What escapes the brackets of “mostly” is the rarest of the states when it’s both physically present and emotionally attached to a city; the city; my city.


I had to summon the word “liminal” for a trial today because the state is not actually as it’s mentioned. Liminality denotes transition and transition happens from one stable state to another. The idea of reversal of states is somehow alien to that of transition, isn’t it? To make the matter more concrete, I sundered myself from my city physically and relocated to another. Yet, I could never make my internal, emotional self understand what the real-material world had imposed upon it. I remained rooted emotionally to my city of birth. It’s a permanent kind of liminality that I see in action in my case, the physical one. The emotional being remains as it used to be. Ergo, it’s faux-liminality in action.

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