Ram Ramapati Bank, Varanasi

I went there in the evening this time. I was passing through the gali and some impulse took me in. I met a gentleman in the sanctum and after a introduced myself to him after a couple of minutes. I told Mehrotraji that I am not a religious man and it was only because of my emotional attachment to the place that I had gone there. He smiled and replied that for him that would suffice: emotion as religion! I told him how I used to go there with my grandmother decades ago. She passed away, but I keep returning to some old haunts where we used to go together. Mehrotraji very graciously gave me the permission to take snaps. The ones I took were of the gentleman himself, his Lord Ram and of the person who had established that unique bank.

manager ram bank

The First Manager of Ram Ramapati Bank, the Earth, Kashi

I had reached there on 15 April, within a week of Ram Navami, and well within the ten day’s range of the auspicious day of Lord Ram’s Navami. So, the idol was specially decorated. The red coloured columns on the white paper behind are thousands of Ram Naam written by the account holders of the bank on the paper the bank provides, with the ink it provides too. As the bank is nearly a century old, it operates in a devoutly religious city, and the account holders are from all over the world, that means millions of paper rolls, all with the name of Lord Ram written over them.


Mehrotraji, a member of the family that runs the bank

I had seen an old lady with definite signs of painful arthritic knees climbing the stairs of the Bank while entering. Inside I saw several children too. The circle was completed by the devotees of ages in the range between old and young. Faith still lives in the city that strives to remain unchanged despite being in the middle of the current of change.


The decorations around Lord Ram



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