Shree Santosh Kapuria

Haughtily would I proclaim to an audience of two: “I am the chronicler of my times”. They were neither a ready nor a good audience, but they were my only audience, and I’d return to them with the same theme every alternate month. They were my friends too, so they had no other choice. They bore it with a grin and swam happily away on to the foreground.

It’s after a long time that the chronicler in me has raised his head. I have a story to tell: the story of a legend, as far as I am concerned. It’s the story of a hero. I have heard its parts and pieces from two independent sources, both the hero’s contemporaries, separately. I’ll try to work upon the pieces to complete the picture (ironically though, I have no picture of the gentleman to offer with his story).

In both the versions I had heard about Mr. Kapooria, it was emphasised that he had lifted that cycle rikshaw of nearly a hundred kilograms (90-95 kg) and thrown it upon the gang that had attacked him on his last day, before succumbing to the fatal injuries later. Why the emphasis? And why that tone? Well, how many of us have met someone who could lift 100 kg outside the gym? And how many of them in a lifetime have we met? That’s not all. I gathered from my sources that he had represented our country at world level in Judo (the tournament was in Japan to be precise). He was a student leader and a very well known person in his University. His courage and freedom from baseness made him a legend after his death, the same qualities had brought about his death in the first place.

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2 thoughts on “Shree Santosh Kapuria

  1. Respected Rajnish Mishra ji the real title is KAPOORIA
    Mr.Santosh Kumar Kapooria send us your details i.e. ur address , ph no. & e-mail we would love to share Mr. Santosh kapooria ji’s most elctrifing stories and his Achivements through out his leadership era

    • Dear Kapooriaji
      I am very sorry, both for my ignorance and for its propagation. I hope the family of Kapooriaji will pardon an honest mistake, as the intention was honourable. I had been to the clan’s house near Gadhwaasi Tola. Met very nice people there and received a warm welcome too, along with a booklet on one of my ideals, Shree Santosh Kapooriaji. We have exchanged mobile numbers too. Plan to work more on him.
      Thanks and keep visiting

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