The Subjective City II


Banaras is a city that challenges every generalization about it. Its variety makes it an irresistibly intense experience – an idea that has the power to clutch some minds; make home there. It is for them, if not for those neutrally or negatively inclined, that the city should exist at a personal level. They experience it in their own various ways. It is for them. It’s their city. The irony of the situation is that those who deserve to be called Banarsis belong to many different cities of their own making, with some shared characteristics and one universal trait – the name Banarsi.

Banaras the, is the city available to all but it’s also the city closed to anyone other than the person experiencing it. A gali, a ghat, a temple or a bend on the street may open some kind of passage to another time or place instantly, making it possible for the “experiencer” to occupy two different times and places at the same time: impossible according to the laws of Physics, but possible by the internal logic of mind.


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