Shree Santosh Kapooria II

sss kapooria gym

They tried to kill Shree Santosh Kapooria in 1971, and succeeded in taking his physical form away from us. They could not do anything to the ideal form of Shree Kapooria, and its power over the minds of those who had seen him in their time or those who heard about him from others. There’s a gym in his locality that bears his name, and a Durga Puja Club too. More important than them is his only memorial in the minds of the students of his university and his contemporaries, those who belonged to his generation, and then, those who heard his story.


Shree Chandrashekhar Azaad was Kapooriaji’s idol. The image above does bear a resemblance with the popular image of Azaad, with one exception: his fingers aren’t at his mustaches. All riyazis who go to akharas worship Hanumanji. They, and others who worship the god of power, actually invoke that power with an eye on the eventual identification. The anecdotes I have read and heard about Kapooriaji confirm that he was a regular riyazi and worshiper of the font of power: Hanumanji.

He used to exercise regularly. 1000 dands (Hindoo Push Ups) and 1000 baithaks (Hindoo Squats) used to be in his routine after jogging. He was a judoka, boxer and wrestler. Behind his efforts that went into his riyaz was his realization that one must have a strong and healthy body in order to serve their society and nation well. “Healthy body, strong limbs, face plain, pink albeit” was his mantra. He used to give that mantra to the youth of his family and neighbourhood and to his student friends and followers. He would inspire them by his own example and urge them to quit their bad habits and cultivate their body and mind. He was 5’7″ and weighed between 95-100 kg. His body was muscular and strong and reflexes sharp.

He is remembered for his physical strength, and for his intellectual and moral strengths too. He had completed his M Pharma and was elected the President of the Student Union of Banaras Hindu University. A booklet on him mentions very clearly that he had developed many formulas that would be beneficial to the masses. Yet, as he was not interested in using the knowledge he had for petty profit, he did not get the patents. The papers in which he had recorded his findings were stolen from his room after his death.

Kapooriaji was totally against the powerful political parties and anti-student and anti-social elements controlling the Student’s Union of his university. He knew that a strong Union pure of corruption and contamination would always think of and work for the welfare of he thousands of students of the university. So, he wanted that his university had no involvement of students in dirty politics and he worked for it too.

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