72 books in 6 months challenge, week 2


“Where’s the time?”, ask people, many of them, when introduced to the 72 books in 6 months challenge. And then, there are few whose eyes brighten up. For them, this is the idea they always had. Only it was fully expressed by someone else. For them, the people who have discovered the joy of reading, and also its value, this challenge is an opportunity. They have been waiting for it to come there way. Some of them had done it at some time in their past long back, e.g. one of them had done it in 2012, and I had done it in 2007-08, but not so methodically. What we are doing here is keeping a log, like the regular strength trainers or weightlifters keep. It performs the functions of the record of achievements (PR, or personal record is the term for it), an inspiration, and a benchmark to achieve and…

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