Love Poem

wild flower

The air I breathe in, and space in all

Its dimensions; my waking thoughts

And dreams, you.

My fear of losing and continue living,

Day after day, year after year,

Not even shedding a single tear;

For that’s what I know I am –

Frightens me, it frightens me.

The question resurfaced.

From the depths of past, it came;

But it hadn’t gone anywhere.

My weakness that lay crouching

Pounced upon its prey at the

Moment of helpless vulnerability.

I wasn’t so weak before now.

I, who scoffed at those who

Allowed themselves to be drowned

By the emotion called love.

But now, going on the knees, for

One moment; leaving the guarded

Sophistry, my second nature;

I feel like begging; from a person

As powerless as I, to become

The air I breathe in, and congeal

Time right there, so that I don’t

Breathe out the air, conversely,

The air stays inside forever,

Killing  me in the process,

Yet not leaving my body.

The question of intense passions

That make it easier to die for

A cause. You.

I’m not sure yet, for I love to live.

To live with you, how fulfilling,

And happy a state it would be!

Why do I feel I’ve sinned,

Against my own self, in not

Changing at all, even post-love?

Still loathe and avoid death.

Death, the recurrent theme,

Now intertwined with another,


You overpower death, or, let me

Rephrase, fear to fear, losing you,

As a possibility, so engrossed me

That I forgot death for a while.

And now, I have you and death

In front of me. My thoughts run.

They run to hide in your protective lap.

To lie there, to sleep, fearless.

 for death can’t reach there, you’ve told me

With your reassuring eyes. You’ve told me

That the fear of loss – of life, of love; is true.

But asked me to rest while you make

A womb like cover, round my

Psyche. Saving me from this ruthless

World, where I’ve walked, throat

Dry, ever on the move, always

With the fear that one sign,

Of weakness, and they’ll tear me

Apart and feed upon my corpse.

I hardened the cyst but the soft

Core of weakness, of truth; remained.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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